'Under one roof' aren't just buzzwords at Sycamore Precision. It's a business strategy that gives us an enormous competitive advantage over our competitors. We're vertically integrated, saving the precious time and cost that you'll experience elsewhere when you have to source a project with a supplier that only has some of the tools in its toolkit. From engineering to assembly, precision machining to powder coating, it's all right here at Sycamore Precision.

Even better, our project management team takes complete ownership of your project from Day 1. We'll manage your project requirements and establish benchmarks that we're accountable for at every stage, including product design and engineering, sourcing, machining, assembly, powder coating, inventorying, packaging and shipment! With resources stretched thin and timelines – and budgets – short, what could make more economic sense than to 'single source' with Sycamore?

Engineer at work